Voice of the Customer


Our President, Craig Cunningham, has been involved in Voice of the Customer research since 1992.  Customer intelligence requires intelligence and experience.  Customer feedback much be captured and nurtured, drop by drop, and transformed into insight.  Turning insight into change is the toughest part.

Our Voice of the Customer approach is similar to many but unique to Customer Integrated Solutions.  Our only clients are manufacturing firms, most of them serving customers throughout the Americas, Europe/Africa/Middle East, and Asia Pacific. 

Net promoter scores, customer retention, customer loyalty, understanding value.  Lots of different terms.  In the simplest way, VOC can be boiled down to answering two key questions:

What do your customers want and need?

How do you give them what they want?

Leading manufacturers do not have unlimited SG&A and have fierce competitors.  Building customer and shareholder value simultaneously requires a sophisticated understanding of the markets you serve.  Plus an ability to execute faster and better than your competitors.

Voice of the Customer Process

  1. Identify your customer
  2. Capture customer needs
  3. Measure performance to customers
  4. Develop critical few strategies, tactics, and metrics
  5. Communicate

 Here is one example of our work with Kennametal.

Contact craig.cunningham@customeris.net to schedule a free Voice of the Customer Work Session.

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