VOC Deployment Workshops



One of the greatest gaps in the customer satisfaction programs of manufacturers is Deployment and Communication.  Why is it so hard to do something with the data?

Many executives receive customer research in an ad hoc fashion.  They quickly sift through findings to identify conclusions important to them or those that strike them as crucial then run with them.  To drive cultural transformation toward a Customer-Centric company, you must do more.

Our Voice of the Customer Deployment Workshops are 8-32 hour work sessions.  Each session is customized with the recent Voice of the Customer Research, presented in a cascading approach.  Work sessions begin at the Headquarters of the company or business unit then move out regionally. 

The goals of the VOC Deployment Workshop are two-fold: 

  1.  To identify action items and metrics in all parts of the company
  2.  To create a closed-loop feedback system, where managers and employees around the world are receiving customer feedback and acting on what they hear

Customer Integrated Solutions has conducted over 100 VOC Deployment Workshops in Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Americas.  It is the crucial component that turns corporate data into cultural knowledge and a catalyst for change.

To review how you use your customer information or learn more about VOC Deployment Workshops, contact Craig.Cunningham@customeris.net or call 1-770-674-0005.

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