Core competencies at work.

We provide outsourced sales and marketing expertise to manufacturers and distributors that includes developing marketing and advertising campaigns and strengthening product brand awareness.  Our approach is entirely different from an ad agency.  We combine strategic and tactical with a stewardship of scarce dollars at manufacturing companies.   

Sales and marketing. Words that go together but often don’t work together.

While sales has highly defined metrics and ruthless goals, marketing can be ill-defined and poorly measured. Advertising agencies provided communication strategy and tactics, but they lack the true strategic insight and execution experience to deal with the practicalities of driving growth.

CIS combines the services of an agency with the leadership of a VP of Sales and Marketing to develop and execute integrated marketing plans to drive growth. For one of our clients, the results have been staggering: quadrupling of sales in a flat market, productivity gains, measurement of ROI for the first time, integrated marketing plans for unique market segments.

We are a true strategic partner, sharing risk with a fixed price, fixed time business relationship. We become true stewards of our client’s budget because it is our budget. It is in our best interest to make each dollar count, stretching our budget to have the greatest impact.

CIS Phases for Outsourced Marketing

1. Assessment and Strategy

2. Integrated Marketing Planning

3. Marketing Execution 

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