Outsourced Marketing


It would be nice to have unlimited budget, allowing every whim and creative marketing idea to pour down on the marketplace.  That isn’t the world that we live in.  For manufacturing firms, Advertising and Marketing is often more of a cryptic, black hole, where dollars are sunk in with little understanding of both where they go and what they return. 

There is a better way–create a partnership with true ownership.

Outsourced Marketing is a comprehensive approach to supporting your sales and service organization while driving brand preference.  Comprehensive meaning just that–working with you to stretch each and every marketing dollar.

We become a key part of your team.  We handle as much or as little as you like; from planning and managing your budget and headcount, developing creative advertising and marketing campaigns, printing and fulfillment management of sales tools and marketing, content creation, trade show planning, lead qualification and pre-selling, educational roadshows, training of sales people and channel partners.

This is a different type of relationship.  It may be time for a different approach.

Contact craig.cunningham@customeris.net to determine if you are ready for an initial Marketing assessment.

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