Integrated Campaigns


Most manufacturing firms have scarce dollars when it comes to advertising and marketing.  To maximize each dollar, marketing tactics must be intertwined with each touch of the customer, as well as the education and effectiveness of the employees and partners selling and servicing your end users.

Mention marketing in the field, and you’ll likely see your salespeople rolling their eyes or worse.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

Integrated Marketing from CIS is an approach you won’t find at an ad agency.  Agencies work in a world of billings and commissions.  Manufacturing firms exist in a different dimension, where speed is more important than flash.  Understanding more important than eyeballs.  Campaign ROI, pricing, and revenue growth the ultimate metrics.

Each and every dollar is scarce.  You can’t justify going slow and wasting those dollars.

Let CIS take a look at how you are handling tactical marketing.  We’ll look at your current spends, the marcomm vehicles you’re using, what your budget looks like.  We’ll interview your sales people, your channel partners, your end-users to determine how effective your marketing currently is.  Then we’ll help you do it better, in a more customizable way,  at a lower cost, yielding greater returns.

Contact to schedule a time to determine how to get started.

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