Frontend Assessment


How do you sell your products and services?  What is your most effective source of new customers?  What is driving defection in the markets where your margins are shrinking the most?  Is it time for a new way to measure your customer-facing resources?

Our Baldrige-based Sales, Marketing, and Service Assessment provides a company with a concrete analysis of where their capabilities are–and where they should be.  We work with your key leaders and process owners to understand current state in all aspects of your growth and service organizations.  We examine your metrics and performance. 

The Frontend Assessment provides a baseline of metrics and evidence for a new approach, a data-based methodology to upgrade your Sales, Marketing, and Service organization.  We work to identify hidden pockets of savings, low-hanging fruit to deliver quick revenue wins, and the tough strategic issues that need to be tackled.

If you are struggling with how you’re going to market and the effectiveness of your scarce, talented people, this might be the right approach.  Contact to schedule an initial work session.

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