Distributor Marketing


Quit trashing your distributors and help them.  It’s a key to driving growth.

Many companies drop the ball when it comes to helping distributors drive their own business.  What should distributors be good at?  Managing inventory, being close to customers, local service.  When you think of distribution, creating marketing rarely comes to mind.

Frontend executives become too distant from their distributors and, in turn, to the end users they serve.  Managing the channel through veiled threats and rhetoric isn’t the answer.

Excellent channel marketing tools will gain mindshare at distributors, educate their sales people, and provide them with the important tools needed to drive differentiation of your products in the marketplace. 

Since you rely on them to carry your water, the least you can do is provide the best bucket in existence.

Let us take a look at how you’re supporting your channel partners.  Contact craig.cunningham@customeris.net for a consultation.

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