CIS Turns 15


Customer Integrated Solutions celebrates its 15th Anniversary

For fifteen years, Customer Integrated Solutions has worked with manufacturing firms to improve their customer understanding and to drive growth. “It has been quite a journey,” said Craig Cunningham, Founder and President of CIS. “The company has continually transformed itself to serve a few key clients. We made it through some very challenging times, including the difficult period after 9/11 and the recent recession.”

“CIS has changed continually. It is a trait very important to me, to align our resources with the needs of our clients rather than chasing business to feed our capabilities. It isn’t the easiest approach, but it allows me to focus on a few key clients. And hopefully make a difference.”

Founded in 1998, Customer Integrated Solutions is a consulting and research firm focused on serving manufacturing companies. The focus of the company is in two areas. Customer Excellence is our approach in creating customer-centric cultures through contemporary Voice of the Customer research and deployment. Frontend Effectiveness brings advanced Sales, Marketing, and Service tools and techniques. The Founder and President, Craig Cunningham, has personally conducted over 1,300 in-person customer interviews in sixteen countries throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific. For more information, please visit or call 1-770-674-0005.

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