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VOC Deployment Workshops

One of the greatest gaps in the customer satisfaction programs of manufacturers is Deployment and Communication.  Why is it so hard to do something with the data? Many executives receive customer research in an ad hoc fashion.  They quickly sift through findings to identify conclusions important to them or those that strike them as crucial […]

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Voice of the Customer System

The Voice of the Customer Systemsm is a comprehensive approach to collecting and analyzing customer and competitor information. “Manufacturing firms have several different methods of capturing customer information,” said Craig Cunningham, President of Customer Integrated Solutions. “In studies that we have conducted, senior executives in the industrial space rely mainly on two sources of customer […]


Voice of the Customer

Our President, Craig Cunningham, has been involved in Voice of the Customer research since 1992.  Customer intelligence requires intelligence and experience.  Customer feedback much be captured and nurtured, drop by drop, and transformed into insight.  Turning insight into change is the toughest part. Our Voice of the Customer approach is similar to many but unique […]


Strategic Customer Assessments

The Strategic Customer Assessment process is the most robust methodology in our VOC toolkit, a deep-dive into key customers. Traditional customers satisfaction methodology is by surveying a representative sample of customers by mail, phone, and increasingly via the internet.  This approach is ideal in the b-to-c space and service industries where a company has thousands […]


Quickfire VOC

After an acquisition closes, executives must move fast.  Companies often botch the integration of acquisitions in a variety of ways.  Lack of preparation.  Pre-conceived notions formed during due diligence.  Arrogance.  Overpromising synergies and benefits.  One of the best ways to level-set your integration is to reach out to the customers of your newly acquired business […]

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