Since 1998, our only focus has been to serve manufacturing clients throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific. That is all that  we do. Being client-centric is everything to us. What that means is that we work hard to understand your business situation and needs, then combine our solutions, ideas, and expertise to partner with you to drive growth.

We do not offer cookie-cutter approaches to Customer Intelligence.  Everything we do is data-based and focused on results. Because we have experience as staff change agents, line management, as well as consultants, we bring a level of practicality and a sense of urgency to everything that we do. This isn’t esoteric theory or idealism. Without execution, ideas are meaningless. We bring both to our clients.

We work with two-five clients at a time, ensuring that Craig Cunningham, our President, is intimately involved in all client work. We don’t have a traditional consulting model of a partner pulling junior staff through. Our principal brings value through 50-100% engagement with each client, then augmenting staff to complete solutions. 

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