Customer Integrated Solutions (CIS) is a consulting, research, and Outsourced Marketing company enabling business-to-business industrial manufacturing companies to build customer and shareholder value simultaneously. Based in Atlanta, Georgia our focus is on driving strategic and tactical business solutions and process improvements in the areas of customer management, sales, service, and marketing. We work with our clients to develop and strengthen their Voice of the Customer (VOC) process while simultaneously driving the Front-End Effectiveness of their organizations.

Our Experienced People have worked with executives throughout North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific to implement customer-centric initiatives. We’ve trained over 1,100 business leaders in Key Industries worldwide in contemporary processes and capabilities. Our clients are global firms who need experienced partners to drive execution around the world. We are their trusted advisor and we execute with speed and precision.

To leadership teams seeking a focused, personalized approach to their profitable growth needs, CIS is the consultant of choice that delivers sustainable Customer-Centric Solutions. 

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